How do I sign up?

We are in the final stages of bringing Adoptly to the public. Please visit our Kickstarter to see how you can help make Adoptly a reality.

Is it free?

Signing up for Adoptly is free, however you will have to pay all required state and federal fees when applicable, including an initial background check (if you have not completed one already at the time of sign-up).

I'm a prospective parent. How does it work?

We've designed Adoptly to be intuitive and easy to use, based on familiar apps and modern-day social networking norms. Once you've created a parenting profile, simply set your search criteria and Adoptly will instantly filter through our database, bringing the broadest range of adoptable kids straight to your fingertips. Just swipe right if you’re interested, or left to keep looking until you find exactly what you're looking for. If all goes well you can get ready to welcome home the newest addition to your family.

Is it safe?

All prospective parents are subject to government-mandated background checks. Adoptly guides you through this process when you sign up, to make it as easy on prospective parents as possible.*

Adoptly also accepts certified background checks completed within the last 6 months if you have already gone through the approval process in your state. Only after a parent has been approved are they able to access the Adoptly database.

*Approval and requirements vary by state. Adoptly works as an intermediary between parents and adoption agencies and therefore carries no guarantee or liability to or from any actions or interactions that take place on the app.

Does Adoptly directly handle adoption cases?

Adoptly acts as a network connecting parents with third party agencies and foster care programs, working in conjunction with their offices and policies to facilitate in making the process more seamless and convenient. At this time, Adoptly does not directly connect prospective children to prospective parents, and is not itself a network of adoptable children, nor is it an adoption agency.